Cove Beach, which is open to all...however, the loungers can only be used by Cove Tower guests

This is the side of the Mayan Temple you don't see as often. The two slides are the Challenger slides, and you can race down them with timers at the bottom.

Mayan Temple and Challenger slides, with the Royal Towers to the right

Back side of the Power the “Atlantean” details

Taken while I was snorkeling in the Atlantis Lagoon, this is a “made” structure on the bottom that gives fish a hiding-place

First of several fish I 'captured' in the lagoon

These guys were kinda elusive.

Not sure what these guys are called....

I think the lifeguard said these were a sort of snapper

Some of these were nearly a foot from top to bottom!

These guys are called “sergeant majors”

I realized after a few seconds WHY they were called “Sergeant majors” :)

and there were a lot of them. Then they'd all vanish for a while and come back later

I guess this one just wanted to be alone...

Back to the deeper middle of the must wear a life-vest or a snorkeling vest to go out there, but they are free at the Blu activities shack near the beach. Area closes earlier than the beach itself, though.

He's about ten feet down here

On the beach near the lagoon, this AIDA Cruise Lines ship was departing. They are fairly scarce on this side of the Atlantic. Can't miss those lips and eyes on the bow!

Bottom of the stairs in the Royal Towers lobby, which is also called the Hall of Waters.

Some of the Atlantean theming inside the Dig, which is made to look like the lost city of Atlantis was excavated.

Lots of fish in the Dig, which is the world's largest saltwater aquarium


Lobsters all following eachother up the side of their display. NO idea why....

These guys were on the ceiling as we walked underneath.

Angelfish, maybe. The lights on some displays, like this one, had already been turned off for the night, unfortunately.

A steampunk-looking contraption as part of the Atlantean theming inside the Dig. After 5pm you can enter the dig through the lobby without a wristband.

Another bit of Atlantean theming in the Dig.


Moray eel (or smiliar) in that display. There were several in there, at least six, but the light had been turned off and all I could see -- barely -- was this one.

More Atlantean artwork framed by fish

This whiskered fellow was past the window in the Dig gift-shop. Yep, you can buy merch and gaze at fish at the same time.

And even MORE fish

An Atlantean submarine prop -- looks very steampunk

The same “submarine” as in the prior photo, but from the front

There were also these creepy “Atlantean” diver props in one room. Weird but cool.

Cool theming elements in a circular room within the Dig

An Atlantean helmet....or something, near the exit from the Dig going toward the lagoon

This is the interior of the dome above the Royal Towers lobby (also the Great Hall of Waters). Just gorgeous!

Just part of the circular lobby and the paintings in it.

These four seahorses stand guard outside the casino in the background

Chihuly glass sculpture at the center of the casino

Another really nifty Chihuly sculpture inside the casino

This one is between the casino and the Coral Towers lobby

Nightiime look at the Royal Towers from the marina...which is a fun place to hang out at night. (The Quiznos there is one of only two left in the Bahamas, too.)

One of numerous yachts diocked at the marina...some of them are really gorgeous. This one's name caught my eye, as you'll see in the next pic

As a former sword salesman, the yacht's name caught my eye. (Country of registry is Cook Islands, which is a LONG way away.)

Here's the map of Marina Village. No mention of Quizno's, though. I'm not a huge fan of theirs, but they were one of the few affordable places to eat, even with slightly inflated pricing.

View from the main level of the Royal Towers lobby down towad the Dig. In 2010 you could walk this far into the property without a wristband or hotel room-key, but now you will be stopped at the exit from the casino.

Nighhttime view of the Dig as seen from my room.

I finally found the lap pool on the last day right before leaving for the airport. It's near the Fitness Center and not too far from Dolphin Cay

This life-sized figure is along the walkway from the East Tower to the west side and the Aquaventure area (with slides and pools).

Atlantis Marina as taken from the Royal Towers front entrance. Many of the yachts had departed in the morning.

Taken on the flight home...this is Andros Island, Bahamas

Passing just north of Andros Island

Farewell -- almost -- to the Bahamas!

One last bit of Bahamas left....this is Bimini. The horizontal strip is a small airport/runway and the casino is at the bottom.

Closer look at Bimini and its small airstrip. It's really close to the Florida coast; from the air you can see both at once.

Passing over Florida, near Ft. Lauderdale according to our pilot.

Florida mainland near Ft. Lauderdale

We are curving to the north for the run up Central Florida toward Atlanta

Freeway interchange near FLL. The white patches are ponds or lakes, not snow :)