Mutha's Day Out

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Last Revised January 4th, 2005

Thanks to "LoyalMDOfan" Keith Nickell, I've added his "best-guess" interpretations of the lyrics for some of MDO's unreleased and B-side tracks to the lyrics page.

Member Update

(Thanks to some Batesville-area fans for the Jan. 2004 updates and thanks to Brice S. for the January 2005 update -- always good to hear news from ex-MDO members and fans!)
Mikal Moore, MDO's lead singer, is currently in an Arkansas-based band called Gazer.
Brice Stephens, MDO's "assistant lead singer," is back in Batesville, Akansas and recently started jamming again with Rod (MDO's drummer). Brice had been in Orlando, Florida for several years and played drums and guitar for two bands while there.
Jeff Morgan, MDO's bassist, is now playing drums in the Little Rock-based band Rwake. (Rwake played a show here in Atlanta in late 2004, but I couldn't go because I had to work. :( )
Chuck Schaaf (guitarist) and his brother Phillip are both now in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Brice now tells me that they've formed a band called Deadbird and they'll have a record out soon from a European label.
So there you have it, as of January 2005!

Guitar tab

Thanks to two cool guys in Australia, we now have guitar tab for "What U See" (the looped version on the Mortal Kombat soundtrack). Click here to see it. Nothing fancy, but there it is.... :)


All lyrics are now posted on the lyrics page including one fan's best-guess at the unreleased songs and B-sides that are available on the Web.

Album status

The My Soul Is Wet CD is not available at online dealers, but it can be found at some used online shops, like and others.

If you just can't find the CD anywhere, see the Mini-FAQ for instructions on how to obtain stuff from me directly.

How It Started:
My friend Tim Hurd and I met the guys in Mutha's Day Out when they came through town opening for the Bulletboys (!) on MDO's first big tour, back in November 1993. One of the youngest rock bands to be signed to a major label in recent years, their blend of rock, metal and hip-hop made for a great debut CD called My Soul is Wet (Chrysalis, 1993) which was clearly a few years ahead of its time.

Finally, It Happened:
At about 4:30 pm on the afternoon of Wednesday, August 28th, 1996, while I was walking in a parking lot, I heard Mutha's Day Out on a total stranger's car stereo -- not on the radio (though that would have been cool!), not from the Mortal Kombat soundtrack, but from the My Soul is Wet CD. Cool! I'd been waiting years to hear something like that! :)

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