Some shots at Blue Hole taken in July/August 1999

Also featuring "Little Blue Hole"

Co-starring Brad Greenlee and Josh

Featuring Kayan, Dirk, Craig, Kevin from WREKage, and others.

Last updated June 13th, 2004

Here are some shots of Blue Hole taken later during the 1999 season. Included are the first pics I've taken up at Little Blue Hole, which is another kewl swimming spot about ten minutes further up the path from Blue Hole itself. There are some shots here also of rafting by "Hellhole" in the Lower Ocoee run, and one shot of the head-end of the power diversion flume at Ocoee #2 Dam. The newest-added photos are here.

My friend Brad by the car as we're getting ready to leave

Taken from the flat rocks by the footpath, looking downstream. The boulder with the underwater crevice is at right foreground; just beyond it is the tilted rock with a kewl tunnel underneath it. The deepwater part of Blue Hole is in the distance past the jutting "headland"; suspension bridge is past BH itself.

Brad (l) and Josh (r) in the "two-way tunnel" up at Little Blue Hole

The same tunnel opening, sans kids :)

Little Blue Hole, from across the river looking upstream

Josh discovers yet again how slippery the rocks can be :)

Josh and Brad trying to gain purchase on the slippery rock, menacing me with two waterlogged sticks

The "easier" of the two tunnels in the deepwater part of Blue Hole itself

The more-difficult of the two deepwater holes (it's below the upthrusting rock formation)

The narrow crevice next to the tall boulder

Brad coming thru the crevice. Note the great color on the rocks on either side -- and this is a disposable underwater camera!

Great shot of Bradley in the "tourist tunnels."

Picture of Josh in the tunnels -- he looks about twelve here, but he's almost 15

Nice shot of the suspension bridge from the balcony in back of the Ocoee WhiteWater Center

Little Blue Hole facing downstream from the bank opposite the path
The deepwater part of Blue Hole. The deepwater tunnels are 2/3 of the way across. Note the suspension bridge in the distance.

The diversion flume at TVA's Ocoee #2 dam; the raft/kayak put-in ramp for the Lower Ocoee run is directly below the view.

The tall boulder as seen from the bank opposite the footpath. Crevice is right in front of it; the tilted-face rock in the river to its left has a tunnel underneath it, too.

Little Blue Hole facing the path (behind trees) from shore opposite -- the two-way tunnel is at the base of the rocks you see here.

Rafts going past "Hellhole" at TVA's Ocoee #2 powerhouse.

Another shot of the "Hellhole" at Ocoee #2 powerhouse.

..And another one.

And now here are the new-new pics!

A sign that agnostic hooligans might actually exist in Cleveland, Tennessee. This church sign now reads "Running low on faith? Stop in for af ill pu" Hooray!

My friend Bruce. He almost looks demure here. He's 6'6"!

This is a cool kid named Craig who I introduced to the "tourist tunnels."

My friend Dirk from Cleveland. He's like a brother to me.

My friend Kayan, or "Brian" -- another member of my "fan club." :)

Kevin Hurysz, late of WREKage, in an intentionally 311-like pose.

Here are some local kidz who had fun borrowing my masks, etc.

This is me on the bridge; over my shoulder is Blue Hole in the distance.

This is the Olympic-modified Ocoee riverbed just downstream from the bridge.

This is me again at the "tourist tunnels." :)

Here's where you turn right, off the path, and you'd then see the following sight:

You'd see something like this...a view of the "tourist tunnels."

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