Blue Hole Summer 2008 Roadtrip Diary

Here's the final update for my 2008 journeys up to Tennessee and to Blue Hole. :)

2008 Summer Roadtrip Diary

Dates Plans Comments
June 3rd and 4th Tuesday and Wednesday roadtrip made! First trip of the season, and boy am I sunburnt! My friend Ripper rode along and had an okay time despite being saddled with an infected abscessed tooth. Good weather both days and no rain, but the water -- particularly in the shallow part but past where the 'swiss-cheese holes' are -- was often quite clousy. Not sure why, but since it was clear when we arrived earlyish on Wednesday, we're assuming it's due to people stirring up the bottom. Still, it got pretty bad amazingly quick.
June 18th and 19th Wednesday and Thursday roadtrip made! A cold front had come through the night before, so the air was probably around 82F at the warmest and there was a sometimes-chill wind blowing. Had lots of fun and met some cool new people (Kyle, Chris, etc.) and some old friends(ASa, and his son). Took several underwater videos with my new Pentax Optio W30 and also six photos with it, posted here! Blazing sun, too, so again I got pretty well sunburnt!
July 1st and 2nd Tuesday and Wednesday roadtrip made! A bit chilly on these two days, due mostly to slightly drier, cooler air in the mountains. Blazing sun on Tuesday helped a lot, but persistent cloud cover on Wednesday made it seem chillier. We left a bit early on Wednesday to see the Dethklok show in Atlanta at the Tabernacle.
July 16th and 17th Wednesday and Thursday roadtrip made! The weather was much warmer both days, and there was no rain at all -- just awesome weather-wise! On Thursday, some large rafting groups made things hectic and we spent some time out of the water and out of the way -- it was too late in the day to head up to Little Blue Hole and avoid the crowds. Overall, a great trip!
Here are 26 pics from a disposable underwater camera, taken during June and July!
Here's 5 pics from my new Pentax Optio W30 -- first test of the still-photo mode underwater, taken on July 16th
Here's about 13 pics from the Optio W30 -- taken on July 17th
July 29th and 30th Tuesday and Wednesday roadtrip made! I had to swap off-days since I had to be at work on Thursday, and despite some slightly dire thunderstorm predictions for both days (and seeing a lot of rain nearby), the weather at Blue Hole held right until I left on Wednesday. This was also a solo trip since Ripper couldn't come, first time that happened all summer. Water was quite warm both days and conditions were generally great; no huge tour-groups either. I finally went up to "Little Blue Hole" for the first time since at least last summer. Pics from this trip (using the Pentax Optio underwater camera) are posted here.
August 13th and 14th Wednesday and Thursday roadtrip made! This was the last roadtrip of the season, since Dragon*Con and ProgPower USA are both coming up. Videos -- including underwater vids taken with my new Pentax Optio W30 underwater digital camera -- are now available here on YouTube!

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