ProgPower USA VII

Welcome to my ProgPower USA VII index page!

I obeyed promoter Glenn Harveston's rule not to bring in cameras with video capability, and so these photos are small and generally cruddy, taken with my very old Kodak DC210+ megapixel camera. Not 3 megapixel. Not 5 megapixel. Just 'megapixel' back then, as if anyone would ever want more! The camera was made in 1999, had its first outing at the first-ever ProgPower Europe, and crossed the 8,000-photo threshold at ProgPower USA 2006.
So, if you're wondering why these pics look a little old-school, there ya go. :)

You might want to bookmark this page, since the individual galleries do not have a 'return to home' button or link. I'll have them open in a new window.

Here we go, for ProgPower USA VII:
Despite an overall feeling that this year's band lineup wasn't up to par with previous years, this turned out to be a splendid year for performances despite the naysayers.
Freak Kitchen turned in the most surprising set of the year and made a LOT of new fans, as did Epica, while my sponsorees, Denmark's excellent Mercenary, turned in one of the most powerful, crunchiest performances in memory. What a GREAT 4-day excursion! My thanks and respect to Glenn and his excellent crew for putting on the best indoor festival in the world, and greetings to my friends, new and old!

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