Blue Hole Summer 2000 Roadtrip Diary

Here's the final diary for my 2000 journeys up to Tennessee and to Blue Hole. :)

2000 Summer Roadtrip Diary

Dates Plans Comments
May 18-19 No roadtrip planned BOC show is Thurs. night here; it will still be a bit too chilly in any case.
May 25-26 No roadtrip I was too busy to go :(
June 1-2 No roadtrip I was busy both days of the weekend
June 8-9 Roadtrip Made :) Click here for images and words :)
June 15-16 No Roadtrip I had a dental appointment for deep-scaling Thursday at noon, so I elected not to go, plus I had Dragon*Con preparations.
June 22-23 No Roadtrip I was busy with Dragon*Con 2000 preparations :)
June 29-30 No Roadtrip Dragon*Con 2000 -- a little party for 20,000 of our closest friends :)
July 6-7 Roadtrip Made Fun trip with Brad Greenlee. It rained a couple of times on Thursday, but we disregarded the rain until a serious thunderstorm came in; the resulting monsoon (!) caused the small creek that crosses the path to Blue Hole (where the stepping-stones are) to turn into an uncrossable torrent! Majorly cloudy water on Fri. due to the heavy rain, which made the tunnels more challenging. :)
July 13-14 Roadtrip Made Awesome weather both days! Just me this time; overnighted at Dirk's house in Cleveland, TN. Spent about 15-16 hours in the water and stayed too late on Friday since some cool folks arrived toward the end of the day. :) Masks were all loaned out a couple of times. Water was clear and quite warm by the end of the sunny days :)
July 20-21 Roadtrip Made I had originally planned on going up only on Thursday since Brad had said he had to be back at his uncle's to house-sit, but he didn't have to after all, so we stayed overnight in Cleveland at the Heritage Inn ($30/night). Spent 4-5 hours each day in the water. An overnight storm didn't interfere at all. On Friday I was christened "Scuba Steve" by some kids who had borrowed masks on Thursday also. :)
July 27-28 Roadtrip Made Had an awesome time this weekend; weather was damn near perfect. :)
August 3-4 Roadtrip Made Took my nephew Brent up for both nights, staying overnight at the Heritage Inn in Cleveland, TN ($30 a night). Had a great time, and met the infamous Triple J's on Thursday (Jeremy, Jimmy and "Man, that was ill, dude!" Jason, aka the not-quite-real Slim Shady). Never rained on us at Blue Hole, but we got a helluva sky show back in Cleveland from a coool thunderstorm. Water was a tad cloudier than normal, but not too bad.
August 10-11 Roadtrip Made Lots of fun -- went up by myself and stayed over at Dirk's place. Excellent visibility and saw Jimmy again (from last week). Some slight rain on Thursday but I just got out of the water for a bit, then returned. Left early on Fri. to get back to the Braves game.
August 17-18 Roadtrip Made Went up myself and stayed overnight at Dirk's. Some minor rain on Thursday but no biggie. Water level was quite low -- doesn't affect swimming much, but the water tends to be a bit warmer. :)
August 24-25 Roadtrip Made Went up with Brian/Kayan, and had a good time; stayed at the Heritage Inn in Cleveland. There was some rain on Thursday, but we stayed until 7pm, getting out and getting back in. Friday saw the water level up a bit higher due to the rain, but still fairly clear; a bit chillier than normal, so Brian wore one of the wetsuits. Lots of sunlight all day, so it was reasonably warm and we got some underwater photos. :)
August 31-Sept 1 No Roadtrip I was in Chicago for ChiCon V (Worldcon)
September 7-8 No Roadtrip Made -- Cool, cloudy weather
September 14-15 Roadtrip Made Went up with Brian/Kayan -- forecast called for mid-80s on Thurs. but mid-70s on Friday, but sunny skies. On Thursday, the water was a bit chillier than normal but still quite nice; Brian wore one of the wet-suits. Pretty empty, though, with only 5-7 other people in or by the water all day. Finished off the underwater camera and also took some pics up at Little Blue Hole. On Friday we decided the water, combined with the cooler air was a bit too chilly, so we left early and stopped at the big discount "barn" on SR5 in Jasper.
September 21-22 No Roadtrip -- Weather lousy (Tropical Storm Helene) Was going to go up in any event for my friend Dirk's one-man show at Red Clay State Park, but he wisely cancelled it because of the weather.

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