Blue Hole Summer 2006 Roadtrip Diary

Here's the final update for my 2006 journeys up to Tennessee and to Blue Hole. :)

Dates Plans Comments
June 7th and 8th Wed. and Thurs. roadtrip made! An excellent trip overall! My friend Ripper had wanted to come up, but had to stay behind to babysit, so it was just me. Air temps were just a bit chilly, maybe 81 or 82, but the sky was mostly sunny and the Sun was intense -- I got really toasted. Met quite a few really cool folks including Justice, Josh, and a bunch more! I got some pics with a Fuji disposable underwater camera, which I hope to finish off on the next trip and then develop.
June 21st and 22nd Wed. and Thurs. roadtrip made! Another pair of great days at Blue Hole! Air temperatures were much warmer than two weeks ago and the water was warmer, too, with the flow into the tunnels at Blue Hole reduced to not much more than a trickle. Got a lot of sun again, probably too much! Met a lot of cool people including Dustin, Orrin, Catlin and Brandon, Shawn and Jamie, and Rob. Pics from 2006 -- and possibly leftovers from 2005 -- are now posted here!
July 5th - 6th Wednesday and Thursday roadtrip made! Despite dire-looking radar pictures on Wednesday, it didn't rain until 7pm at Blue Hole, whence it monsooned! Thursday was a great day after the clouds gave way to sunshine. Water was a bit too cloudy for photos, but was otherwise great, not too high, and warm.
July 19th - 20th Wed. and Thurs. roadtrip made! My friend Jason, his wife Susan and her son Adam all tagged along since this was their vacation week, and a great time was had by all (except for some sunburn :)). The weather was hot, skies mostly cloud-free and the water was low and quite warm, although oddly, it was somewhat cloudy...possibly due to a lot of visitors from rafting groups, etc. So, I wasn't able to finish off the underwater camera's film roll as planned, but I made some progress.....
August 2nd and 3rd Wednesday and Thursday roadtrip made! This roadtrip took place during a heatwave, so it was especially welcome as an "escape" away from the heat. Lowest water flow I've seen in a few years, barely more than a trickle into the tunnels area. No rain on Wednesday and one quick downpour on Thursday plus a very close-passing thunderstorm later. Since some schools were back in session, there were much smaller crowds on both days than in the past, which was especially cool. Saw some familiar folks from before and met some cool folks, too! Many will appear in pics from the last camera roll since the water was still, oddly, a bit too cloudy for good underwater shots.
August 16th and 17th Wednesday and Thursday roadtrip made! My friend Ripper was able to come along for the first time in two or three years, and had a great time! The water flow was about 5" higher than in the previous weeks due to recent rainfall in the basin, so it was a bit chillier than the bathwater I'd come to expect, but it was refreshing and much fun. It didn't rain at all, but a near-passing thundershower cooled us off on Wednesday. I finished off the second disposable underwater camera and pics are now posted here! This was the last journey up for 2006, since Dragon*Con, then ProgPower USA, and then cooler weather followed. Can't wait for next summer now!

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