Blue Hole Summer 1999 Roadtrip Diary

Here's the final diary for my 1999 journeys up to Tennessee and to Blue Hole. :)

1999 Summer Roadtrip Diary

Dates Plans Comments
June 17-18 No Roadtrip High temperatures only in the upper 70s.
June 24-25 No roadtrip planned I was too busy with DragonCon preparations
July 1-2 No roadtrip Dragon*Con weekend -- I was a tad busy right here at home :)
July 8-9 Roadtripped Up Went up on July 5th (I was off for the holiday) and took my friend Brad and my two nephews, stayed over at my mom's timeshare villa in Ellijay, GA, then went up again alone on the 8th and stayed over at my friend Dirk's in Cleveland TN thru the 9th. First trip of the season and much fun, although it was a bit cloudy and rainy on some days.
July 15-16 Roadtripped Up, Stayed Overnight Brought along my friend Richard/Laddie, who stayed overnight at his dad's in Cleveland while I stayed at Dirk's. Two good days of swimming; saw some of the same kewl folks (Tim, Daniel) I'd seen the weekend before.
July 22-23 Roadtripped Up, Stayed Overnight Brought Laddie again, and also brought Brad. Two great days of swimming; saw Josh (from last year) and got some pictures of Little Blue Hole as well (the less said about our trip up there the better :)). Stayed overnight at the Heritage Motel in Cleveland TN since Dirk's place was kinda busy, then Brad and I returned to Blue Hole on Friday. Met Andreas and Adrian from Puerto Rico and Chile (see below) -- within their earshot, I promised Brad a "Blue Hole Gold Star" if he could navigate one of the really narrow tunnels. :)
July 29-30 Up and back Thursday, and again on Friday Went up with Kevin H. (from our WREKage metal radio show) on Thursday, then back to Atl. to drop him off, then back up on Friday. Saw Andreas again and hung out for a while -- he actually managed to get through the same narrow tunnel I'd mentioned earlier to Brad, so... Give Andreas a "Blue Hole Gold Star"! :)
August 5-6 Both Days, Overnight in Cleveland Much fun and great weather both days. Water was unusually cloudy on Thursday, perhaps due to sizeable mostly church-group crowds. Brad and his uncle and cousin followed me up on Thursday and returned that night. As they were leaving, amazingly enough, the same football team that showed up en masse last year (on a weekend day) arrived. (!) Met lots of cool people from various places.
August 12-13 Thurs. and Fri. with overnight in Cleveland Great weather both days. On Thursday I hung out with two kids and their older friend Xavier from Mexico -- and saved one kid's life. On Friday Dirk came up with me from Cleveland and we had a great time at Blue Hole and up at Little Blue Hole. He started to hike up the path to Ocoee #3 dam (which I've never seen), but had to turn back since it's farther than we expected. :)
August 19-20 Both Days, Overnighted in Cleveland TN Took my friend Brian up (he'd been there last year) and had a great time. Overnight stay at a motel in Cleveland (didn't want to impose on Dirk and his mom too much). Met some cool people including Chris, an 18-year old river rafting guide. Good weather both days. We got there kinda late on Thurs. but spent 7 hours there on Fri.
August 26-27 Both days, overnight at Bruce's in Tenn. Decent weather, much fun, and finally finished off the 27 exposures in the disposable underwater camera. Photos are now posted here. Very few people at Blue Hole overall since school is back in session.
Sept. 2-3 Both days, overnight at Bruce's in Tenn. A bit chilly (temperatures weren't brutally hot up there, and the sun was partly behind high clouds both days), but fine. The lower Ocoee segment was closed so no rafting groups at all. Met some really cool people, but again it was a sparse crowd. Got a ticket on the drive back. :(
Sept. 6th Holiday Bonus Day :) No roadtrip -- weather was clousy
Sept. 9-10 No Roadtrip Weather was clousy and rainy, so I was more of a homebody and got some shopping and housecleaning done :)
Sept. 16-17 No roadtrip Weather was too chilly :(
Sept. 23-24 No Roadtrip Weather was chilly, plus I drove down to my friends' band Godhead's Tallahassee show on Friday...and it had been cancelled. :(
Sept. 30-Oct. 1 No roadtrip Weather was too chilly.
Oct. 7-8 No roadtrip Unseasonably cool autumns suck. :(
All in all, a great summer of sun and fun, even though it was shortened by a cooler than usual fall. Looking forward to Summer 2000. :)

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